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Home Ice

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1 - This comm is for fun activities and challenges in the Hockey RPF fandom.
If you have fic/art/vids/etc. to post that's not related to a challenge we've run, AWESOME, but you should post those to somewhere like 2mins4slashing or activesticks.

2 - All hockey fic/vids/artwork is welcome here - don't waste everyone's time bashing a team/community member/player/fic. If something's not to your liking, please just scroll past and wait for something (or post something!) that is. If there's a more serious issue or if you have a general question, please feel free to comment on the ask-a-mod post, found here.

3 - No seriously - all hockey fic/vids/artwork is welcome here. It doesn't have to be NHL-centric, it doesn't have to be slash. If it involves professional hockey players in a central role, it's more than welcome for any challenge or discussion we host.